FIFA World Cup: week two

The second week of my trip was spent in the city of Sao Paulo. Lucked out again with the hostel – booking the cheapest available has seen another result – Hostel Paulista was absolutely amazing.

We passed the first day in the FIFA Fan Fest, set in the beautiful municipal park. Germany 4 Portugal 0.

This was followed by Brazil – Mexico on the Tuesday:


Managed to watch the game with the only Mexican fan in the Fan Fest – by full time he had that shirt covered up!


Can not explain how disappointed I have been by the Brazillian support!

They go absolutely nuts for the national anthem, its a really special experience. And then, silence.

In the first game it took Neymars goal to wake them all up. By the end of the game the lone Mexican could be heard singing on his own.

And this in a 25,000 people lock in. The park was full, there were thousands waiting outside the gates to get in, the police were everywhere baricading the way, and not a Brazillian song or chant to hear.



Final whistle and again it seems the Brazillian fans only sing when theyre winning.

We took a nice little break from watching football on Wednesday, to actually play a game.

England took on the rest of the world, and despite facing three different sides, the winners stayed on and run amock over a collection of colombians, chileans, mexicans, germans and a scratch team of local residents who had gathered to watch our game.

And it didnt even come down to penalties!

On the Thursday, the hostel was packed with English and Uruguayan fans – everyone was here for the big game.

Me and some of the other lads without tickets headed down to the stadium early doors – each of us carrying £400 worth of Brazillian Reals. For tickets that cost £40 at face value, we thought wed get in easy.

Turns out the cheapest we got offered by a tout was $1000 US. Absolutely obscene!


One of the boys managed to convince a local, who had paid £7 at residents prices, to sell him his ticket for £300.

In hindsight, it was well worth watching it in the snooker bar next to the stadium.

The place went mental when Rooney scored, and then it all kicked off when the Uruguyans got their winner.

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