FIFA World Cup: week three

After the disappointment in Sao Paulo, it took a weekend back in Rio to cheer me up.

keep off the grass

On the football pitch behind the hostel, it was non-stop favela fixtures this weekend.


The favela residents were out in force, hollering from the sidelines. Also made for some great photos.


Head chef Panxo cooked us an assado on the terrace, to celebrate our last night in Rio4Real.


…and the following morning Chile was out in force at the FIFA Fan Fest Copacabana.


Arrived in Belo and managed to get my hands on one of these! Come on England.


Getting in to the spirit of things with cervejas for breakfast and facepaint outside the ground.


Once youd handed over your ticket, you could head anywhere in the stadium that you liked. Naturally, we got in amongst with the England fans behind Fosters goal.


Shame about the result but the atmosphere amongst the English fans was incredible!


Will definitely be joining the FA fans club and getting the caps to get me to France 2016.

We still believe!

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