FIFA World Cup: week four

My final week in Brazil! Back in Rio and a new hostel in the town of Pavuna.


The hostel Splendore was opened the day I arrived. I was their first ever guest! This is the view from their roof top terrace. Included with my room at 35R a night (10 pounds) was the beautiful rooftop terrace, view demonstrated in the pictures, a hot tub, a churasco pit, TV and big screens to watch films and football on, brilliant kitchen facilities, a snooker table and Sophia the kitten.


This was about a third of the price of the other hostels I have stayed in! I really recommend it to anyone travelling to Rio, Philippe is going to have a really good thing going here when the works finished on the bar and disco facilities.


On the second night, more guests arrived, and we had a nice evening drinking in one of the local bars. It took an hour on the metro to get to the beach for the last-16 games, but it wasnt an issue as it didnt involve any changes or complicated routes to reach Copacabana.


Fair play to Paul pictured on the left. He had found out a couple of months ago that he has a tumour of the pituitary gland, and shut up his ice cream van and headed over to Brazil for the World Cup.


Another packed Fan Fest but another really poor atmosphere for the Brazil game. The less said about these fans the better. Moving on…


We visited the Botanical Gardens in Rio, and amongst the highlights were the wildlife. Turtles are my favourite, followed by these guys…


…who’d follow you around hoping you’d offer them some food!


Finally, I got a chance to cook with a churasco, and made a big BBQ for those of us in the hostel.


The rotaserie style of cooking is usually used for chicken I think, but there werent any complaints about the English twist. Jacket potatos and salsa were also slow-cooked over the flames!


With today an odd day with no football, sunbathing on the terrace was the order of the day. Tomorrow, the first two quarter finals will be taken in from Copacabana before my flight on Saturday, where im hoping to catch the other fixtures in the departures lounge!

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