Hip-Hop Evolution: review

Hip-Hop Evolution, Netflix. 4 part series. ****

Hip-Hop is a four-part, fun-fuelled nostalgia trip, that rides along an awesome soundtrack of kicks, snares and hi-hats. This Netflix Original series documents the evolution of hip-hop, culminating in the rise of Dre and Snoop and the West Coast gangsta rap scene of the mid-90’s.

There is an exceptionally broad range of DJs, MCs and rappers, including Kool Herc, Africa Bambaattaa and most impressively, Ice Cube. The key questions are asked by Shad, who manages to interview an eclectic expanse of hip-hop moguls, and goes in to great detail.


How Netflix approaches a second series has got me head-scratching. Series 1, culminating with The Chronic, leaves plenty of ground to cover: Biggie-Tupac, Wu Tang, De La Soul and Tribe, the rise and rise of Jay Z, Eminem, there are just so many avenues to explore.

It’ll be interesting to see if Shad can nail interviews with all the big players of the 90’s/00’s. Series 1 is tight, has great depth, and was awesome fun. This was thanks to the major participants narrating their own parts in the story.

Fingers crossed Season 2 produces the same level of first-person story telling, worthy of a soundtrack that already has me salivating.

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