Trim – 1-800 Dinosaur Presents Trim: review

1-800 Dinosaur Presents Trim, Trim. ****

I bought this album recently, expecting big things with the 1-800 crew on production. Being a big fan of their Radio 1 residency, and a lot of James Blake’s early dubstep releases, had me extremely excited for this collaboration with Trim.

Sonically, 103452Trim, is absolutely vast. To try and tie the sound down to one genre is impossible. Opening track Stretch, sees Airhead place Trim’s delivery front-and-centre, with eerie horns and the clash and crash of symbols surrounding an almost a cappella verse.

The sound transmorphs in to the grimy, dub driven Before I Lied, with the 1-800 collective continuing to traverse an endless array of synths. Waco introduces the first and last singalong hook. Throughout, samples appear, and then fade away almost as quickly. What is absolutely consistent, is the tracks being designed to accentuate Trim’s rhymes.

Lyrically, Trim is incredibly entertaining, although by the time you’re over half way through the album the content gets a little repetitive. However, I actually feel a lot of the self-aggrandising lyrics are delivered tongue-in-cheek:

I’m not grime, I’m Trimski/Eff what they say, I dig me.

Similarly, it’s sometimes not as clever as it would make out (Jay-Z already rapped about Miley’s Twerking on Somewhereinamerica – in 2013). Some tracks are better at bringing out the best of Trim than others, and this may be down to the 1-800 producers getting a little carried away in the sonic soundscapes they are building.

It’s possible I could be wrong and they could all actually love me

It’s almost a throwaway line, because I really enjoyed Trim firing shots on this album (particularly when listening in the gym). It becomes a bit repetitive, given the huge divergence in sound on the tracks, to hear like-for-like lyrical content throughout.

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