Best of 2016: Journalism

David Conn, The Guardian: The Hillsborough disaster

The Hillsborough Inquest finally, conclusively, vindicated 27 years of campaigning by the Liverpool supporters who lost their loved ones at the FA Cup semi-final of 1989.justice-for-the-96-finally

David Conn’s sobering dispatches, covering over two years of inquiry up to the jury’s unanimous verdict to exonerate Liverpool supporters of all blame, demonstrate an integrity of the first order. There is no doubt that this series solemnly depicts the families at the centre of the tragedy.

Conn’s articles for The Guardian are essential reading: tracking the bereaved’s 27 year fight for justice against police, government and tabloid newspapers inspires, infuriates and incences the reader.
That the Liverpool supporters have remained so dignified in the face of such hostility is astounding.

Conn and The Guardian’s coverage of the inquest is a homage to the families who have fought so hard for justice. In recognition of the jury’s verdict, the article Hillsborough inquests jury rules 96 victims were unlawfully killed from April is placed here for prosperity:

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