Manchester United ruined my life: review

Manchester United ruined my life, Colin Shindler. *****

Aptly, my first reading of Colin Shindler’s Manchester United ruined my life came mere days before City’s abject 0-4 capitulation at Everton.

Ironic that despite the world class squad and the best manager money can buy, there is the all too familiar sinking feeling that transcends Shindler’s book. manchester-united-ruined-my-life-by-colin-shindler

Every City fan will be familiar with the hopelessness encompassed within.

Sadly, the parallels continue with 2017, as Shindler records a litany of transfer failings, terrible footballers and even worse coaches.

The combination of provocative title, and the constant laugh-out-loud recollections of the author, afforded me an awful lot of funny looks on the tube. However, as both a cricket fan and football nut, I scorched through this title in a week’s commute.

The pay-off for all Shindler’s heroic endeavours is the romp to the title at St James’ Park in 1956. The author, hitch-hiking his way to Newcastle on that fateful day over 50 years ago, had no idea the transcendence into sheer ordinariness that would consume City for the remainder of the decade.

Either howling with laughter or eliciting a choke in the throat, this book is a testament to any long suffering Fan. Much like Leicester’s fairytale last season, the romance of a bygone era seeps out of the pages.

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