Oasis – Supersonic: #TBTreview

Oasis, Supersonic. ****

I’m not quite old enough to appreciate Oasis during their peak in 95-98. Wonderwall resonates (of course), but the rest form hazy memories of Blue Peter and TOTP performances.

Supersonic, needless to say, brings the nostalgia roaring back, front and centre.

Now, older and wiser, Definitely Maybe and What’s The Story… have been played ad infinitum. What’s so intriguing about Supersonic is that the biography ends at Knebworth. Peak Oasis.

img_1051The footage is incredible, and the soundtrack is mind-blowing. How the band smashed out so many tunes in such a short timeframe is mind boggling. The Gallagher’s have it spot on: they were the biggest band on the planet (for a period).

Supersonic scores four stars with an asterisk. ****^*.

There is no attempted explanation as to why the follow up albums couldn’t hit the heights, although how many bands have more than two incredible albums in their life span?

There is no mention of the band’s split, nor the dissolution of Noel and Liam’s relationship. In fact, the way the audio is overlayed doesn’t convey any underlying tension between the two at all. It’s as if everyone’s sat around in the studio together.

If Supersonic as a historical tracing of the bands highs and lows earns one star, then consider the film a greatest hits compilation with audible album notes. Noel has it spot on when he says all that will survive are their tunes.

Stick it on in the background as you get ready to go out on a Saturday, and you will be absolutely rocking. With your mates around, it’ll sound even better.

Supersonic – don’t look back in anger.

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