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Weekend Review: J Dilla

Pretty much everything Dilla put out is appropriate at any time of the week. However, The Shining Instrumentals makes for a perfect, chilled Sunday. 

The suns out in London, although it still doesn’t feel warm. Bopping around town to So Far To Go and the other amazing tracks on The Shining just puts you in a good place.

Check it out:: J Dilla – So Far To Go

Weekend Review: Chance the Rapper

No Problem (ft. lil Wayne & 2 Chainz), Chance the Rapper. *****

Coloring Book was undoubtedly one of the albums of the year in 2016, and No Problem is the most uplifting track from a record who’s creator is high on life and the Creator Himself.

img_1291The gospel choir throughout conjure happy memories of Late Registration. Lyrically, the whole record is in the spirit of Talib Kweli’s Quality. On Coloring Book, Chance articulates how content he is, without falling in to generic hip-hop machoism.

No Problem celebrates life throughout, and not just in a got chains/got bitches vein: the birth of his daughter, his relationship with her mother, his success (label free) and his religion.

The hook is the happiest declaration in hip-hop:

“if one more label try to stop me/there gonn’ be some dread hair n- in the lobby”.

With those pulsing gospel samples and the overt threat to the majors, Chance reminds us that not only is this one of the most uplifting songs around, but you’re experiencing the whole album for free.

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